Advanced Emergency & mobility Systems
  • Portable emergency centre
    The portable emergency center strictly complies with the same regulations as conventional emergency centers. It consists of a two-level trolley suitcase with wheels. Robust, it resists impacts, hard environments and extreme climate conditions.
  • ComSir: specific software.
    Web software for the control of sirens, toxic sensors, weather stations, video cameras, procedures and tracking of the emergency plan.
  • Emergency Systems.
    We design emergency systems for companies and public services. We specialize in acoustic alerting systems for the populations in case of flood, nuclear or chemical risk, fires or emergencies on beaches or rivers.
  • Acoustic sirens for beaches, rivers and fires.
    Acoustic systems for massive alerting on beaches, rivers and fires.It produces signals and high quality prerecorded messages in several languages.

​Implementation of emergency plans for dams and reservoirs.

Development of projects and Automatic applications for controlling the emergency plan.
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Chemical Risk

Emergency systems acoustic alerting, software and control centers, calculations of acoustic coverage

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Nuclear Risk

Planning, design execution and maintenance of the Nuclear Emergency system.
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Other markets

Acoustic sirens for beaches, vehicle mobility systems, engineering and maintenance.
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We design custom-made projects.

Projects, acoustic and radio electric coverage calculations. Communications solutions.Technical tenders.Layout studies.Certifications.

Latest projects

Lasesa irrigation community

Implementation of the emergency plan for the Lasesa dam in Huesca, with installation of two sirens..

Emergency plans of the La Gitana, La Restinga and El Rosario reservoirs

Design and implementation of the emergency plans of the La Gitana, La Restinga and El Rosario...

Zapateros dam Emergency plan

Design and implementation of the Zapateros dam emergency plan, Vianos, Albacete, SPAIN, awarded...
Generalitat de Catalunya - Centro de control de emergencias

Catalonia Government – Chemical Risc (Seveso)

The biggest acoustic warning system project for Seveso risk in Spain...