Ambulances division

It has been designed a system to manage and assign health transport services. It takes into account the diverse conditions of transport of the clients: individual or collective transport, need of sanitary assistant or enough with a driver, etc.

The IrisAmb guarantees the compliance with the regulations of sanitary transport, taking into account the times of departure and arrival as well as the time that the patient spends in the vehicle.


The main characteristics are:

  • Transmission of the programmed services to the mobile terminals in the vehicles by GPRS or TETRA, which allows speeding up the tasks and reducing the number of calls and the possibility of mistakes in the assignment of services.
  • It takes into consideration the particular casuistry of the sanitary transport.
  • Real time visualization of all the vehicles and the state of the assigned services.
  • Graphic visualization of the automatically planned itineraries
  • Scalable to adopt new functionalities
  • Supply of reports: services, refuelling, days of the staff, punctuality of the services, routes, etc.

Control Center

Only tool in the sector which allows completely automatic Planning and Assignment of vehicles services. It offers the possibility of displaying the assignments before its transmission to the ambulances. It controls the completion of the services in real time, using a friendly easy-to-understand interface.

Management system

Real time display on the map of the location of the ambulances, with information on the services, equipment the vehicle, state of every service, etc.

  • Multi user web application for simultaneous use of the system by different people
  • It supports different accounts with different privileges
  • Complete integration of the existing data of the client (entrance of services, equipment of the vehicles…)
  • Conflicts control: it detects overlaps between days, assignment of the same service to different ambulances, etc.
  • Validation and visualization of the planned route on a map, detecting the impossibility of an ambulance to realize the assigned services
  • Definition of the different time slots of the vehicle with its corresponding equipment and staff.
  • Supply of reports: services, refuelling, days of the staff, punctuality of the services, routes, etc
Supply of reports: services, refuelling, days of the staff, punctuality of the services, routes, etc

Powerful module of automatic planning adapted to the needs of the sanitary transport. It provides a specific list for every ambulance, presenting a list of the assigned services in order of execution.

  • Allows the display of the calculated routes on the map.
  • Possibility of launching several plannings at the same time.
  • Optimizes the route providing the different parameters (number of vehicles, distance to travel, zone…).

This module takes into consideration:

  • The restrictions and normative established for the sanitary transport.
  • The travelling time between points obtained in a real way on a road map.
  • Type of the vehicle (number of seats, stretchers, wheelchairs, staff on board…).
  • Type of service (individual, collective…).
  • Crew associated to the vehicle.
  • Time of loading and unloading of patients in function of their condition.

Terminal in ambulance

Terminal equipped with touch screen and keys of direct functionality, it offers the possibility of commuting between different modes according to day or night timetable. The terminal can be totally integrated with the existing systems of the customer and is scalable to adopt new functionalities.


Telephone and GPS navigator
  • Search of routes.
  • Locating and marking of points of interest.
  • Information on speed cameras..
  • Tele Atlas Cartography.
  • Navigation instructions spoken in different languages.
  • Maps in 3D.
  • Reception, registering of calls, diary and hands free.
  • Etc.
Reception, registering of calls, diary and hands free.
  • Automatic reception of the services.
  • Validation of the state of every service in real time and with geolocation.
  • Mailing associated to the service and free mailing.
  • State report and service details.
  • Etc.
Clocking in and refuelling
  • Coded login for each driver.
  • Clock in system and registering of pauses.
  • Compatible with alternative recording systems (RFID, magnetic band…)
  • Control of the volume of fuel, kilometres, amount and supplier.
  • Etc.