Police mobility system

The system enables managing all types of communications and specific tools of the security and public order forces, both from the ‘Control centre’ and the ‘On-board terminal’ in the vehicle.

- On-board terminal.

It allows consulting criminal records, number plates, state of a demand and any other information introduced in the police data base. From the terminal, it offers the possibility of activating or deactivating any video recording, consulting any old recordings, or switching on the cameras leaving the vehicle in intelligent mode without passengers.

- Control centre.

Web platform to communicate with all the terminals, consult the location on a map and check its state, etc. It also allows consulting the recording history or watching the cameras of a vehicle in real time.


  •  The Intelligent Video-surveillanceSystem or VIS  is a developed system for video-surveillance, intelligent digital recording and remote supervision. It allows different configurations, depending on the type of vehicle (camouflaged, multiple cameras, car patrol, etc.)


  • The Geographic Information System or GIS allows consulting in real time and on the map the location of all the terminals in the vehicles, reporting information such as the speed, the time a vehicle has been stopped, the state of the pending or completed services, etc.

Authentication clocking in/out.

Access through a personal code for each user with different permissions depending on the responsibility level. It controls the beginning and the end of a day, breaks, breakfasts, etc.

Database consultation

Integration to the client’s DB for the consultation of different data: number plates, criminal records, etc.


Reception and sending of messages between the terminal and the control centre. It supports different technologies: TETRA, GSM, GPRS, WIFI.

Navigation and cartography

Analysis, guiding and optimization of routes both ON-ROAD and OFF-ROAD. Location and calculation of routes on orthophoto map and vectorial cartography. Compatible with the module of services, capable of reading automatically the address of origin and destination.

Services and demands

Reception of services and demands from the control centre. Compatible with the navigator to find the best route.