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Alerting systems for beaches, rivers and fires

Accidents in beaches, rivers and fires are frequent and they provoke wounded, deaths and material disasters. Specific acoustic warning systems can reduce the damage. The technology of these products is like the one used in the other risks but les powerful, as those environments require.

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Ambulances mobility systems

The ambulances division of Lafcarr Project & Design has designed a system to manage and assign the services in the health transport. It takes into account the diverse conditions of transport of the clients: individual or collective transport, with or without support of sanitary technician, etc. On the other hand, the IrisAmb guarantees the compliance with the regulations of sanitary transport, taking into account the times of departure and arrival as well as the time that the patient spends in the vehicle.

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Police mobility system

The system enables managing all types of communications and specific tools of the security and public order forces, both from the control centre and the terminal in the vehicle.

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