Date:September 09, 2015

Belcaire water pond – Implementation

Lafcarr Project & Design and Acuamed (Aguas de las Cuencas Mediterráneas) sign a new contract.


Tasks and duties to do will consist in the implementation of the Emergency Plan in the Belcaire water pond located at the Valencian village of La Vall d’Uixó (Castelló). The bond have been classified at A rank due to the potential risk of breakdown and adjoining affectation zones.

Belcaire sirena 1 web

This project was done during 2015 and it consisted of the following characteristics:

  • Installation of an emergency room to control remotely all the devices and two electric sirens for the acoustic warning to population.
  • Communication: radio and GPRS/ 3G.
  • Installation of the COMSIR software with the modules of remote control, automatic management of the Emergency Plan (EP), automatic maintenance of the EP and multiuser access from different devices and locations.

Belcaire 2