Date:April 08, 2015

El Cañuelo and La Redonda basins

Supply and implementation of the emergency plans in El Cañuelo and La Redonda basins (Almería).

The location of the facilites is in Campo de Dalías, nearby El Ejido and Vícar villages in Almería. In this project counts with three electronic acoustic warning sirens and has a portable emergency center. All with a remote control and automatic management allowed by the COMSIR software.

Foto El Cañuelo

  • 1 portable emergency center.
  • 3 acoustic warning sirens.
  • Redundant communications: PMR radio, TETRA radio and GPRS/3G.
  • Module COMSIR – telecontrol.
  • GEP – Atomatic emergency plan manager.
Foto projecte

Acoustic sirens with solar power.