COMSIR software

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The COMSIR software is a solution designed for the control of numerous remote devices used in the emergency plans. It provides real time information, incidents and reports. It also manages redundant communications with absolute versatility in technologies PMR radio, TETRA, GPRS, VSAT, etc.

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Electronic sirens

Sirena-electrónica_2sector x 600metros

The electronic sirens are an excellent alert notification device. They allow effective tone and voice alerts in a superior range of 450m. Their design is able to produce a high level of warning alerts with a low electric use. Its flexibility allows us to build scalable systems adapted to the client’s needs and the existing infrastructures or communications technologies. They are the perfect choice to provide warning for hazardous weather conditions, dam safety, civil defense, industrial applications and other types of emergencies.

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Portable emergency center

PortableDispatch (1)

The portable emergency center fulfils all the requirements of communications and functionality in the Emergency Plan. This innovation will result a reduction of the investment and maintenance costs in one or several emergency plans. It will also make possible the control of different plans.

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Control panel


The control panel allows message activation or real time loudspeaker use. It has a touch screen and intuitive interface to control all the sirens network. It was designed for the emergency room installation.

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Surveillance camera


The surveillance camera offers an extraordinary image speed at maximum 1080p HDTV resolution. Its total integration with the iDam software allows the control and real time monitoring from any point with an internet connection. The potent zoom gives horizontal and vertical high speed movement. The PTZ Domo cameras, suitable for interior and external use, allows an exceptional coverage of large areas and guarantee an excellent detail in the zoom operations. Designed to resist aggressions and with active refrigeration. Efficient functionality between -40º C and 75º C temperatures. Ideal for guaranteeing an efficient surveillance in extremely hot and aggressive environments.

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Weather station


The weather station allows detecting with precision the wind speed and direction, internal and external temperature and humidity, sensation temperature and dew point, current and accumulated rain, monthly, annual, rain intensity, current and tendency atmospheric pressure, weather forecast, moon phase and sunset and sunrise time. Its total integration with the iDam sofware allows real time monitoring from any point with an internet connection (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc).

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