COMSIR software

SAC – Maitenance and conservation module


SAC is the module of ComSIR which offers an Automatic Customer Service for the management of incidents, maintenance and programmed works of the resources associated to the solution. With the advanced system of intelligent notification, the installed resources periodically report information about their state. This information is analysed by SAC, which automatically classifies its gravity and alerts the maintenance services.

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Maintenance and conservation control
Remote control module


Module designed for the control of numerous remote devices used in the emergency plans, providing real time information, incidents and reports. It manages redundant communications with absolute versatility in technologies (PMR, TETRA, GPRS, VSAT…).

It also offers control and monitoring of warning systems, procedures and traceability of the emergency plan, as well as the remote control of the alerting sirens, toxic sensors, weather stations, video cameras, informative boards or any other device or sensor incorporated as a resource in the emergency plans.

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Remote control module
Emergency plan manager

modulo gestor de plan de emergencias

The GEP module satisfies the needs of the emergency plans, simplifies their execution and increases reliability. Always fulfilling the normative and with absolute traceability. Its friendly and intuitive interface stands out, as well as its innovative functions like the ability of sharing resources with different installations or the centralized hardware minimizing.

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GEP module