Products and Solutions

We adapt our products in order to achieve the best solutions.

Alarm systems

Lafcarr’s systems of immediate alarms (SAT) maintain a good technological balance, not too simple so as not to achieve their goal, and not too complex that cannot be maintained without external help.

Their design is based on 3 elements; knowledge and mapping of risks, monitoring of upcoming events and procedure of broadcasting to the population.

We integrate both external and new elements in order to complete the information and fuel the systems of assistance to decisions, thus allowing to line up the territory data with the risk prevision, with the goal of getting to know the elements that are vulnerable to a specific action or phenomenon, and therefore manage total protection.

Our systems enable to reach a control and following of emergencies, as well as alerting and notifying the population in the case of evacuation or confinement, both for vast areas and reduced zones.

Decision support

Our goal is to provide a panoramic view of decision support and its application in managing emergencies and also in planning countermeasures with the final objective of mitigating the consequences of an accident.

The decision support systems created by Lafcarr are a fundamental tool for the management of any emergency. They enable the automatized value recruitment, as well as the subsequent analysis and data correlation for a better decision capacity in critical situations.

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