Technical Office

Communication and radio electrical signal. Acoustic signal. Writing of implantation projects reports.



We collaborate in the writing of projects of implementation, helping in its design, justifications, implementation and conservation of emergency plans.

We study all the requirements of the emergency plan and we carry out an in-depth and justified study of the adopted proposal, taking into account the current legislation and infrastructures.

We work with the adequate level of detail in order to facilitate the correct implementation of the necessary equipment and also the verification of the good functioning of the warning systems and telecommunications so that we can manage any emergency.

We take care of the implementation of the emergency plan in all its steps:

  • Previous report writing of the implementation project.
  • Directing the project.
  • Installation.
  • Starting it up.
  • Training and broadcast to the population.

Lafcarr Project & Design has the permit of specialized software for the realization of acoustic coverage studies based on the Regulation ISO-9613 Attenuation of sound during propagation outdoors, in order to calculate the sound pressure level in affected areas by flood. We also have the permit for specialized software for the radioelectric coverage study, to design communications between siren locations and emergency rooms.


Communications and radioelectric coverage

Our engineering department relies on simulation tools of communication connections and radioelectric coverage for any kind of technology (VHF/UHF Radio, 15GHz Radio connections, WIMAX, Wifi, Satellite, etc.).


Cobertura acústica

Our engineering department has more than 15 years of experience in the design of outdoors acoustic simulation, remapping of warning sirens location, both in rural and urban sites. Local cartography is analyzed, as well as buildings and affection areas, determining the optimum number of sirens that should be installed.

We carry out the calculations of acoustic and radioelectric coverages, the design of communication solutions made to measure for every client, we help in the writing of technical specifications, the remapping studies, and we also analyze every presented solution and we collaborate in the official certifications.

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