Early Warning System
& Mobility Sistems

We offer personalized solutions for every type of risk.

About us

We are a leader company in Spain within the design of alarm systems, and we are specialized in the following risks: flood, chemical, industrial and medical, nuclear, tsunami, earthquake and acoustic warnings at beaches, rivers and fires.

I + D + i

In order to offer the best possible solutions to our clients, we invest a high percentage of our budget into I+D+i. A highly qualified team formed by engineers dedicate special attention to the investigation area, development and innovation of new products with our own Know How.

our solutions

Wide range of solutions and products
for areas of massive risk.

our solutions

Wide range of solutions and products
for areas of massive risk.

Products, solutions and services

Alarm systems

Lafcarr’s systems of immediate alarms (SAT) maintain a good technological balance, not too simple so as not to achieve their goal, and not too complex that cannot be maintained without external help.

Infrastructure maintenance

Here at Lafcarr we offer different specialized technical services, which cover from the maintenance in optimum service conditions.

Decision support

Our goal is to provide a panoramic view of decision support and its application in managing emergencies and also in planning countermeasures.

Technical Office

We provide collaborative solutions of writing, management and implementation of projects and specialized studies.

We work in different countries.


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Alarm systems. Decision support.  Infrastructure maintenance. Technical office and studies.

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