Early Warning System
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Control centres. Consultancy. Post sale services and maintenance.

About Us

Lafcarr Project & Design

Leader company

We are a leader company in Spain within the design of alarm systems, and we are specialized in the following risks: flood, chemical, industrial and medical, nuclear, tsunami, earthquake, avalanche and acoustic warnings at beaches, rivers and fires.

I+D+i department

Our quality, service and technology are of great reference thanks to our I+D+i department, always pursuing excellence in our personnel, adapting to social changes and innovating to keep up with a spirit of constant change.

Consultancy and engineering area

Our consultancy and engineering area is of great help when it comes to project writing for our clients or collaborators. We design solutions made to measure, and also certifications, all the while offering ad hoc solutions about planning procedures and emergency management.


Our company culture promotes talent, trust and knowledge, therefore creating a trustworthy global team.

Our company values are the excellence of services, quality, safety, compromise, passion, professionalism, proximity, sustainability, innovation, dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit.

These values give us a common vision towards business and the company, and guide us in everything we do, defining and showing our strategy and growth.

    • Guidance for the client
    • Leadership
    • The development of the Work Team’s abilities that makes up the company.
    • Efficacy and efficiency of the procedures.
    • Service-product quality.
    • Decision taking based on facts.
    • Strategic environmental management.
    • Environmental protection.
    • Environmental action.

Lafcarr develops and grows within solid values, attitude and rules, as well as the constant training and service predisposition of all the personnel, in order to satisfy every need and exceed expectations from our clients.

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